The context: A coworker thought it would be funny to play with a toy sword and *BONK* me on the head with it on Tuesday morning (playing around, not malicious. It wasn’t hard, but hard ENOUGH to trigger my head). Come Thursday, the spot still hurts something fierce, even worse than the initial hit. I see the company doctor. Yes, I reported the incident with the proper channels.

The doctor enters the room after I had finished my consultation with the RN beforehand, so he is aware of my situation. This is what happened:

Doctor: “So, I hear you have a headache.”

What I want to say: “No,Doc.I know headaches well. Intimately, in fact. I also know their cousin, Migraine, even better. This is not a headache. That’s like going to a doctor for kidney stones and having the doctor say, ‘So, I hear you have a stomachache.’”

What I really say: “I had a migraine, Sir, until it went away yesterday afternoon. Today, my skull hurts in the place where I was hit.”

I had to explain that a “headache was to your pulled quad as my pain was to your shin after running into the coffee table,” for my pain to be understood.

That’s how it always feels when a migraineur goes to a doctor who doesn’t specialize in headache disorders or migraine disease.


The Moral: Dont make flippant quips to people in pain/are sick. It invalidates their situation and is extremely condescending. And it isn’t funny.


💖Hearts and Sparkles!💖

Product Review: MigraineX

Hello, everyone! I know it has been a while since I have posted, but things have been a little crazy! Halloween season is upon us, so I am working like crazy, and I spent nearly a week in Arizona (with a side trip to California for DISNEYLAND!!) right after Labor Day.

What happened here in Florida where I live that same weekend? Hurricane-freaking-Irma. It hit my area Sunday night, when I was supposed to return home. So everything went squirrelly and we (my mom and I) came home Tuesday night. Luckily, I live far enough inland to not have been hit with the worst of it. We came home to power and minimal property damage (other buildings in my apartment complex more than my own). We got lucky! I count my blessings.

I did get to test a few things during the trip, though. Firstly: how will my body react to the weather conditions in the Southwest US (that will be it’s own post!), and secondly: I got to try out my MigraineX earplugs on the plane!

I bought these back when I got my Aculief clip, Psi-Bands, and gel eye-mask. The earplugs come with an app that I will review first.


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Migraine Buddy

If you are in need of a way to track your migraines to make it easier to talk to your doctor/specialist about your attacks, a quick google search will turn up many results. It can become overwhelming, but you will see one app show up over and over: Migraine Buddy. This app is available for Android and iOS, and it is amazing. I have been using it since it debuted for iOS (I was on a mailing list to know when it was released to the iTunes Store), and I love it. It is comprehensive, visually simple (and uses a color scheme that isn’t too painful for our photosensitive eyes), and makes it really simple to talk to your doctor.

It even tracks your location for barometric pressure readings, and has a graph to show the pressure forecast for your location! I love this function, since I am sensitive to such pressure changes.

By looking at this graph, I will have to be careful overnight tonight, as it doesn’t take much of a change (up or down) to trigger someone. It is not a guarantee, but it is nice to not be surprised. Especially in a Florida summer!

You can add or remove triggers, aura, medications, locations, and many more, as well as add any relevant notes you may need down to the minute, like when you took a specific medication.

I highly recommend this one for anyone with Chronic Migraine. I didn’t realize how much I needed a tracker until I started to use it.

Oh, the best part? It’s FREE!!!

Happy tracking!

💖Hearts and Sparkles!💖

❄️While I am a user of this app and it’s resources, this post is strictly based on my personal opinions, as I am not affiliated with HealInt or Migraine Buddy.