Is Migraine Trendy Enough for you?

So, the “Migraine pose” is becoming a thing, thanks to MUA Nam Vo and Elle Beauty, and the Chronic Migraine community is (rightfully) BENT.

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And the people calling us out and telling us to “calm down” or to “live a little” are only adding to the stigma we have to encounter every day.

Please, don’t use my migraine to boost your ego.

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Social Media Challenge!

Do you remember when I said I was going to attempt a MHAM social media challenge?

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Much love to you all!


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Not Really Okay

I hate saying, “I’m okay,” even when I am…or when I think I am.

I try to be a “glass half full” sort, despite having every reason not to be. In every situation, I try to find a glimmer of a silver lining. Sometimes, it’s hard. Sometimes, it’s really hard, but it’s there, even when I have to make it up.

I’m between neurologists, due to a change in insurance pushing my out of the network of my last one. I got my referral in February (like, the first week of), and I get a call from a Neurology center, telling me to call them back to schedule an appointment, even though the earliest one they had was April.

Okay. Fine. It’s only been since November since my Botox. It’s already totally gone from my system, and I’ll have to essentially start again and not see results for the better part of nine months. What’s another two?

I call.

“We don’t have a referral for you.”

wait, what?

“I am literally returning your call where you said you got my referral and to call and schedule an appointment for April.”

“Who called you?”

“Umm…you did, ma’am.”

“No, it wasn’t me.”

(Aside: She has a distinctive tonality to her voice, not unlike yours truly does, and a thick accent…and she left her name on my voicemail. If it wasn’t the same person, she has a voice twin out there impersonating her.)

So, essentially, she called me a liar, and made me call my PCP back to resend the referral. I do them one better.

I physically go to my PCP’s office.

“What do you mean, they don’t have it, I am the one who sent it!”

How serendipitous to get to speak to the same receptionist who sent over my referral initially? Glass: half full.

She sends it again, and I watch her do it. She hands me a copy with time stamps as evidence.

I call back. Now, they don’t have openings until June.

Oh, and they still don’t have my referral and can’t even make an appointment until it is in their possession. Their office is nearly an hour from me, so it isn’t as though I can just pop over after work.

“I literally watched her send it to you.”

“Well, we don’t have it.”

🙄 …how is that my fault?

I have every intention of asking for a referral to a new new neurologist, because my migraines are back to uncontrollable and I need treatment, like, yesterday.

…whoa…pardon that rant. I strayed a bit off topic, didn’t I?

Sorry, and I know I’ve mentioned the neurologist thing before.

Good news: it appears that the pneumonia has finally run its course.

Back on track.

I hate saying, “I’m okay,” right now. Because I could be okay that moment, but then I won’t be mere hours later.

Then, I feel like a liar. Either I lied about being okay, or I am lying about being less okay. I’m honestly not sure which one. Both, maybe?

I can’t decide if I am ever actually okay, or if I’m jinxing myself by saying so.

I am literally becoming afraid to say that I am okay.

And that is not okay.

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Good grief.

My goodness, I have been a busy bunny. My sister is getting married in two weeks, Omni Fandom Expo is in one (and I am not ready yet…), and GUESS WHAT?!

If you said, “The Bunny still has pneumonia,” you would be CORRECT!

Yes, you read that right. I. Still. Have. Pneumonia.

It is MARCH 1ST and I STILL have pneumonia?! I was diagnosed in DECEMBER.

I also lost my neuro due to insurance changes, so I couldn’t have my last Botox treatment, so my headaches are weighing me down a bit. My pulmonologist is sending me back to my GI, in case reflux is causing my pneumonia to stick around (…I have never heard of that before, either), so I need to refresh my referral for that updated and figure out why the new neuro that was sent my new referral would call me to schedule an appointment and then say they had no idea what I was talking about when I called them back (that sound is the sound of my eyes rolling). Luckily, I see my PCP tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, they received the orders from the pulmonologist for bloodwork to test me (again) for autoimmune diseases and disorders. Those came out clear last time (two years ago?), maybe it’ll show something this time around?

For the record, I am not hoping to have an AID, but I do want answers and a means to treat it.

I am on Levaquin. AGAIN. I am taking it like the good little patient I am, but I have doubts that it will work when I’ve already taken it for this pneumonia with no results.

Friends, I am tired of being tired, and in pain. The stress of all of this is doing a number on my body, and March is waayyyyy too crazy for me to not be running at all cylinders. I will take three out of four. Right now, I think I am running at about 45%, maybe 60% at best.

Silver lining: I can walk to work without dying.

I guess that is something?

💖Hearts and Sparkles!💖

“Oh, good grief…” ~The Great Gonzo, in “A Muppet Christmas Carol” after Rizzo gets stuck in a chimney…

I Swear I Am Not Missing…

Hello, all!

I know that it seems as though I fell off of the planet in these last handful of weeks. After the rebound headache fiasco, things got crazy at work (Halloween is our busiest season), and then I caught the flu at work.

Did you know that this year’s flu shot is only effective against 10% of the flu strands this year?

I learned it the hard way. Ugh… I work within coughing/sneezing distance of people (mostly children who are still learning the “Batman Sneeze” and all), and a majority of my coworkers were sick…so…yeah…I guess I was doomed.

I had a pretty strong feeling that I was getting a sinus infection (again, I am so used to what those feel like that I sometimes go to the doctor too early and they can’t be 100% certain that is the issue…whoops), but I was still doing okay. I take Zinc twice every day as part of my usual medication routine, and my daily B-Complex pill has Vitamin C in it.

What can possibly go wrong?

Well, I had my Cast Service Celebration at work (party!!!), and I felt really run down the next day. Meh, I was probably overtired from all the fun. No biggie. I have some coffee with a yummy breakfast.

I start to feel worse. I get home and just settle down and take it easy with a cup of Echinacea Plus tea. I go to bed early, and I wake up feeling a little more refreshed. I go to work and my voice starts failing not too long into my shift, and then I start feel exponentially worse over the next few hours. I am able to switch out times with a coworker, and I go home early and go straight to bed.

Then, the fevers started…Needless to say that since the second of this month, I have been sick. Flu, then ear and sinus infections joined the party, and I wasn’t responding to the meds, so it developed into pneumonia and landed me in the hospital for a week. I only just got home yesterday now that I don’t need IV antibiotics anymore, and I still have weeks of recovery and breathing treatments ahead of me. Joy.

I did have a few migraines in the hospital, but they were triggered by lights and lack of sleep (my IV antibiotics came at 3 and 4 in the morning…one nurse accidentally hit the “all lights on” button and blinded me into a painful wakefulness…).

I do have some good news, though! Since the rebound fiasco, my attacks have lessened quite a bit! Yay!!

Thanks for reading!


I try to make hospital life cute.

💖Hearts and Sparkles!💖

“I’m not dead, yet!” ~ Monty Python and the Holy Grail